Tips for Proper Contact Care

Eye doctor in NH from NutfieldEye doctors near Derry and Manchester, NH like Nutfield Eye prescribe contact lenses to patients every day because they are safely used and worn by millions of people. Though there are so many benefits of contacts, there is always a risk of eye infection, especially when they are not cared for properly.

There are many factors that contribute to eye infections including: environmental factors, poor hygiene, and using extended-wear contacts. In order maintain your contacts and prevent possible infection, it’s always best to follow the guidelines created for your specific lenses and follow these standard tips to proper contact care.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water, and dry well with a lint-free towel before handling contact lenses.
  • Use contact solution to rinse and store your contacts, not water
  • Replace your lenses as prescribed, overusing can be dangerous
  • Replace your contact lens case from time to time and clean well
  • Do not saliva to wet your lenses
  • Saline solution does not
  • Do not reuse solution
  • Remove your contacts when your eyes become itchy, red, swollen, sensitive, or you have blurry vision as to avoid damage to your eyes and contacts
  • Never buy decorative contacts from a shop that are not fit to your eye, as they can cause serious and permanent damage to your cornea

It can be overwhelming to wear contacts for the first time, or to be faced with an infection. If and when this occurs, consult your eye doctor near Derry and Manchester, NH to ensure the safety of your vision. Luckily, Nutfield Eye has the experience and advice you need to help you better understand your contacts and eye care needs. With more questions about our services, please call us today at our office in Derry (603) 434-3937 or our Londonderry location at (603) 421-0022.