Signs You Need an Eye Exam

eye doctor manchester nhRoutine eye exams are the ideal way to maintain your vision, but there might be instances between your visits when you should consider giving your optometrist a call. Nutfield Eye wants our patients to protect their vision in the best ways possible, and we have a few circumstances when you should give us a call no matter what:

You have noticed changes in your vision

It can be hard to admit that your vision could be getting worse over time. If you’ve noticed you are squinting more than before, have to adjust items to different lengths away from you to read them, have difficulty driving at night/in the dark, and other stereotypical eye changes, it’s time to book your next appointment.

You experience frequent headaches, eye strain, or blurred vision

Headaches are not always a sign of eye-related issues, but for some people, it’s connected. Optometrists can help you determine if this is a possibility or if it can be ruled out. Often, we experience these symptoms when utilizing smart devices, such as phones and laptops. The solution could be a new prescription to accommodate these changes.

You see spots, bright flashes, and floaters

Many people see a few floaters, which is normal! However, if you notice an increase in the number or start to experience bright flashes or spots in your vision, call your eye doctor immediately. You could be experiencing the beginning stages of retinal detachment which should be dealt with quickly to avoid the chance of permanent eye damage.

Fortunately, there are excellent eye doctor offices in NH to help you determine the next step in your vision. From optical options to LASIK and PRK, Nutfield Eye will work with you to find a solution that improves your current way of living.

With more questions or to set up an eye exam, please contact Nutfield Eye at one of our two convenient locations today by calling Londonderry (603) 421-0022 or Derry (603) 434-3937.