Pollens Impacts On The Eye

It’s hard to deny the excitement the spring and summer season gives people from New England. After a Eye doctor in NH from Nutfieldlong and dark winter, we just want to open the windows and get outside! For many, it’s the best time of the year and for even more, it’s the beginning of allergy season. As a go-to eye doctor in the Manchester, NH area, we’re asked a lot of questions about the impacts of pollen on the eye and here are some details we think you should know.

Why does pollen make your eyes itchy?

Pollen is an allergen and allergens are attracted to moist surfaces, such as your eyes. When pollen gets into our eyes, our bodies’ immune system works to get rid of the allergens with the help of our mast cells. To get rid of the allergens, the mast cells break apart and spread chemicals produced in the body to break down and remove the foreign substance. This can cause our eyes to be itchy, but there’s even more to it!

When we scratch our eyes because of pollen or other allergens, we can rupture the mast cells, further spreading the chemicals that are irritating our eye and making the sensation worse than before while making it nearly impossible to find relief.

What do you do to fix it?

Often the best solution is to clean your eyes by flushing the eye and potentially using anti-histamine drops to help with the itching further. Many who suffer from allergies are provided by medical professionals with over- and under-the-counter prescriptions to make the itching more manageable.

Disposable contacts might be the best way to go

If you’re a contact lens wearer and have suffered at the hand of allergies, it could be best to use disposable lenses! By switching out your contacts more often, you can potentially avoid some of the common side effects of using the same pair after they have been exposed to pollen.

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