Lasik in New Hampshire

lasik eye surgery in new hampshireThe invention of glasses changed the way we see the world and the invention of contacts made some things more convenient.

But it can be frustrating at times where you’ve misplaced your glasses or tore your contact lenses just to realize you forgot to order more and wishing you didn’t have too.

There is an alternative. Lasik.

Lasik eye surgery may be the answer you’re looking for. And the professional at Nutfield Eye Associates can help you find out.

The Lasik Center of New Hampshire developed by Dr. Francis Lamy of Nutfield Eye Associates, grant many people who were never thought to be good candidates before, experience the gains of unobstructed vision without contacts or glasses.

Is Lasik best for you? The Associates at the Lasik Center will be happy to help you find that out if the procedure is right for you.

Contact us to set up an appointment, or even if you just have a few questions at either of our convenient locations, Derry 603-434-3937 or our Londonderry office at 603-421-0022.

At Nutfield Eye Associates we are there for all your eye care needs. Give us a call and see the difference!