Laser Vision Correction Provider Checklist

The decision to have laser or surgical vision correction is should not be made quickly, it is important that you understand the procedure as well as your surgeon. Not only should you be sure you are choosing the correct procedure, but also ensure that your surgeon is well experienced and recommended. We hope you will choose Nutfield Eye Associates as your provider, but if you’re shopping around, use this checklist to compare.

Answer YES or NO to each of these questions before making your decision.

  • Does the laser vision surgeon use FDA-approved lasers, such as LADARVision? CUSTOMCORNEA??
  • Does the provider use wavefront analysis to take measurements of the eye before and after the operation?
  • Does the provider measure your pupil sizeto ensure the appropriate treatment zone is used in order to avoid post-operative side effects?
  • Does the provider test for dry eye before the procedure?
  • Does the surgeon use gloves that are powderless? (Many doctors do not wear gloves to save money).
  • Does the provider sterilize all instruments prior to each procedure?
  • Has the provider taken the time to explain complex issues such as monovision and presbyopia and how they will affect your vision after age 40?