First Laser Cataract Surgeon in Merrimack Valley

Dr. Francis Lamy, D.O.At Nutfield Eye Associates, we pride ourselves on adapting to the newest technologies that help you achieve your best vision. Advances in cataract surgery offer patients a multitude of options and we are pleased to announce Dr. Francis Lamy as the first laser cataract surgeon in the Merrimack Valley area. With this exciting news, we want everyone to know what this means for our cataract patients and their vision.


What are cataracts?

Cataracts are a build up of protein in the lens of a patient’s eye. This interrupts the flow of light to the back of their eye, resulting in blurred or decreased vision. Cataracts are commonly due to biological aging, but there can be multiple causes. Cataracts can only be cured with surgery and with an experienced cataract surgeon like Dr. Lamy, he begins with an extensive cataract consulting appointment before determining the best technologies to use on a case-by-case basis.


What is traditional cataract surgery?

Surgery involves the removal of the cloudy natural lens which is to be replaced with an artificial lens. Often the natural lens is removed by two small incisions on the patient’s eye, removal of part of the capsule, and use of an ultrasonic probe to break up and clear the lens by suction before the new lens is implanted and positioned. This procedure takes around 10 minutes to preform.


What is the difference between laser and non-laser cataract surgery?

Partnering with Sightpath, the nation’s leading provider of equipment and services for cataract and refractive surgery, we now have access to a femtosecond laser. This laser’s computer-guided precision makes the incisions on the eye, aids in the capsulectomy, and emulsifies the lens. The laser creates less work on the eye during emulsification, reducing inflammation and healing time. The total laser time is usually less than a minute before the new lens is implanted and positioned.


Sightpath’s technology enables our practice to provide unattainable computer accuracy, give Dr. Lamy more control and flexibility, and features real-time diagnostic tools to be utilized during the procedure. This laser can aid in our cataract patients achieving more visual freedom and reduced independence on glasses. We are more than excited for you to see the results.


Set up an appointment with us today and ask if laser cataract surgery is an option for you by calling our office in Londonderry at (603) 421-0022 or our office in Derry at (603) 434-3937.