Finding a Great Eye Doctor

Finding a new eye doctor in NH can be overpowering with so many to choose from! Nutfield Eye can understand your concern as you decide on the person best fit to handle your vision, and it can be hard to narrow in on exactly what you want and need. Because of this, we have come up with a few questions to consider when making this final decision.

Do you have specific needs?

If you are aware of any specific eye diseases or conditions you have, you might find that visiting an Ophthalmologist over an Optometrist might be more beneficial. Optometrists can treat some eye diseases, do not preform eye surgeries, and can prescribe some medications while on the other hand Ophthalmologists treat many eye diseases, prescribe medications and preform different eye surgeries. Finding a doctor that fits your needs is essential.

What’s their availability?

If there is one way to feel overwhelmed when visiting a doctor’s office of any kind, it is to feel as if your appointment was rushed after planning for months in advanced. Check their availability, especially if you work a tight schedule around the usual weekday 5-9, learn about their standard appointments, and be sure you feel you are being assisted appropriately.

What is their credibility and experience?

We only have one set of eyes, and working with great professionals is the greatest way to ensure their longevity! Learning more about your doctor’s practice, their work history, and different forms of experience will make you feel comfortable during every appointment. Knowing you work with the finest means getting the best results, and that’s all any patient wants.

Luckily, Nutfield Eye has all of these important must-haves and more! With both an Ophthalmologist and Optometrist on staff, you will be sure your regular eye exams and even LASIK surgeries in NH are being handled by quality professionals who know all there is to know about proper eye care.