Eye allergies can afflict you at any time of the year

Eye doctor in NH from NutfieldEye allergies can afflict you at any time of the year. They are not that uncommon and your eye doctor can treat the causes and the symptoms. While your eyes may display signs of redness, as well as itching, it would be best to see your eye doctor to ensure that you are just struggling with eye allergies and that it isn’t something far more serious.

  • Aside from the constant itching and the redness, your eye allergies can also cause your eyes to swell a bit and to tear up uncontrollably. In addition, you may have signs of mucous discharge as well as blurred vision. Your eye doctor will be better able to treat you after a proper exam.
  • Eye allergies come in two different types and are linked to conjunctivitis. They are the Perennial Allergic Conjunctivitis and the Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis. The Perennial allergy can erupt on you at any time of the year and can be triggered by such things as animal dander and accumulated dust or cigarette smoke as well as other allergens that are present in your life all year round. The Seasonal type, of course, will be due to certain types of allergens that are only around at certain times of the year, especially in the spring and summer. Consulting with your eye doctor will allow you to get a better understanding of both so you can develop ways to protect yourself.
  • The conjunctiva is the transparent lining that covers and protects the eyeball. This is what your eye doctor will be most concerned with as your allergies tend to affect this area the most. The conjunctiva is very similar in makeup to the protective coating of the nose which is why both your eyes and nose can be troublesome areas for you.

Your eye doctor will be able to quickly diagnose and remedy your allergy situation. Treatment can range from staying inside when pollen counts are high, to not wearing your contacts to being extra vigilant in your dust removal. Your eye doctor may also treat your symptoms with medication that may include antihistamines and artificial tears medication.