Dangers Of Unprescribed Colored Contacts

Halloween is here, and there is a chance you’ve seen quite a few teenagers and Eye doctor in NH from Nutfieldyoung adults dressed up in your town. You might have even been a little startled when you noticed their irises were red, purple, or white as they walked past you. Nutfield Eye Associates recognizes colored contacts are a popular trend amongst youth, but not all decorative contacts are obtained lawfully. As one of NH’s leading eye doctor offices, we don’t want you to make a mistake that will damage your vision forever.

It is illegal to purchase contact lenses, corrective or not, that are not prescribed or properly fitted by an eye-care professional in the United States. All contacts are considered medical devices and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Any shop, website, boutique, salon or other advertising lenses as cosmetic are doing so dishonestly, and here’s why:

An eye doctor must decide if you are eligible for contacts of any kind

Whether you want corrective or non-corrective lenses, being prone to eye infections, have chronic dry-eye, and other medical disadvantages can effect a prescription being given. Your doctor wants what’s best for the health of your vision and contacts might not be your healthiest option.

Optometrists explain the care necessary for both kinds of contact lenses

Different kinds of contact lenses allow for certain kinds of wear and maintenance. The only professional who is able to properly explain the difference and your specific lenses to you is your eye doctor.

Contacts are fit to your eyes specifically

Believe it or not, one-size-fits-all contacts is a myth. It’s important for your contacts to fit your eyes well. Otherwise, it can lead to serious health complications such as blindness, conjunctivitis, corneal infection, scratches on the cornea, damaged sight, and more.

A cheap price for a variety of custom contact lenses might sound great on the surface, but going to your eye-care professional for an appointment and proper examination can save you thousands in medical bills and possibly your vision.

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