Can dry eye syndrome be prevented?

Eye doctor in NH from NutfieldDry eye syndrome, as your eye doctor knows, can cause serious problems if left untreated. In general, dry eye syndrome can greatly interfere with your quality of life and is a situation not to be taken lightly.

  • In a culture where many people are staring at cell phones, computer screens and TV’s all day long, developing dry eye syndrome can be easier than you think. It is an affliction where your eyes actually dry out and are unable to generate tears and moisture. The syndrome can quickly develop into a chronic situation that may need the care of your eye doctor.
  • Immediate symptoms of dry eye syndrome can be redness and blurred vision as well as excess tear production, stinging, itching and burning. Cause for the syndrome can include excessive screen time, contact lenses, a dry climate and even cigarette smoke. In addition, certain afflictions like lupus and arthritis, as well as certain prescription drugs and changes in hormonal balance, can, also, trigger the syndrome.
  • If your eyes are not generating the right kind and the right amount of tears, you may be prone to eye damage and infection if not treated by your eye doctor. Your eye doctor has a couple of ways to determine your status including corneal staining, a tear break up time test, and a Schirmer test.
  • While there is no actual cure available for dry eye syndrome, certain preventative measures, such as eye drops, can keep it at bay. One final remedy your eye doctor might employ is what is known as punctal plugs. These are tiny plugs made of silicon that are placed right into the tear ducts allowing your eyes stay moist for longer periods of time.